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The It’s All You!® Bra

A woman’s breast goes all the way to the corner of her arm. Store bras stop an inch or two short of the corner of the arm and actually “train” breast tissue into that area, separating it from the breast. Women think they are gaining weight instead of losing breast tissue, they believe it is just “fat”. Store bras also have a strong elastic backward pull and breast tissue is “trained” back over the top back of the bra. Gravity drops it under the bra in back. Most women can pinch an inch or more under their bra in the back. This is a cup size or more in the wrong place. This is what women call “back fat”. The It’s All You! bra can retrain it to its correct position. A further problem is that the lymphatic system has no muscles and runs alongside the circulatory system and if tissue is put under pressure the breast also has poorer circulation. Under wires are considered a hazard to good breast health! Store bras have under wires to give some support because the engineering is so poor. With badly engineered bras the entire weight of the breasts is supported from the shoulders, many women have grooves in the bones of their shoulders because of this, they also usually have poor posture because of this downward pull on their shoulders.

There is a huge difference between a custom-fit bra and one bought off the rack in a department store. In the first place, there’s more to a breast than the cup size and all the women of the world cannot be A, B, C, D or DD. We are more individual in size than that!
You can achieve your personal goal whether it be enhancement, reduction, visual firming and toning, while experiencing comfort and healthful support of your most distinguished feature.

The store-bought bra syndrome is obvious when you consider their bras are mass produced for profit, not orthopedic support. Studies made in the last 10 years reveal the risks that are associated with wearing improper bras, not the least of which is breast-cancer.*
Beginning with the publishing of Dressed to Kill a book by Dr. Sydney Ross, into the relation between bras and breast-cancer, many researchers have joined with studies of their own. Others, such as Dr. Mark Weiss and Gregory Haig, a leading homeopath, warn us about the need to allow the lymphatic system to flush toxins freely, without restriction.


Underband, our own exclusive support system, uses contour guides to reposition displaced soft tissue. The unique structural design plays a pivotal role in improving the bust line.

Not only is the contour, one of a woman’s finest features, improved in the process, it can be worn to increase or even diminish to achieve the proportionate look desired. Repositioning the misplaced tissue back to its proper position results in a slimmer looking midriff immediately. These two positive, dimensional adjustments lead to posture and contour improvements, instantly noticed by you and everyone else! Best of all, your custom fitter can put you into a bra that will either increase your bust, decrease a too large bust or you can maintain your current size and tighten and tone your bust. You now have a choice!

The best part is that It’s All You!

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