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Suddenly Slender Now in Durango, Colorado has been in business since 1996. We do “active” body wraps and customize lifestyle changes for you. My highest inch loss is 93 inches. My average inch loss is 30- to 60 inches per wrap. It is not uncommon for me to get inch loss in the 50s. Nick is down 160 pounds in 14 months. He started with a 19-inch neck and 56 inches up and down torso. He ended with a 13.2 neck and 31-inch waist. Norene was down 70 pounds and 14 sizes. Now she’s down 100 pounds! View their body wrap before and after pictures. This will work well for you.

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Cheryl Hughes, Owner
Suddenly Slender Now, Durango, Colorado

About Cherie Hughes

With my background in Nursing and Cardiac Wellness, I am able to help many people with interesting problems. I am a problem solver. Many of my patrons make lifestyle changes with our body wraps, including diet and exercise. I tried these ideas on myself and I am down 12 sizes and 50 pounds … for 19 years. These wraps have saved my life. I had life threatening allergies to heavy metals. I am now off steroids and 10 other meds and just do a wrap a week (steroid fat is rock solid and is the most difficult fat to handle). I am able to help people make life improving changes. We offer a free consultation to get you perfect! I can help you set both short-term and long-term goals to keep you your perfect size.

Jeanne Cole, my sister, started body wrapping in 1996. In 1998 she broke the world record inch loss with Barbara W. … 74 inches. In one wrap, her highest inch loss is 86 inches.

Jeanne taught advanced body wrapping skills for the inventor Victoria Morton. She has been working at Suddenly Slender Now for 3 years. Her work with Birdy speaks for itself. Birdy is down 12 sizes and working on the 13th! Jeanne is averaging 30- to 60 inches per wrap. We are changing people’s lives, one person at a time. We take most people down 1 size per wrap!

Suddenly Slender Now does advanced training for other Suddenly Slender shops.
With our advanced training our students get high inch loss of 30- to 50 inches. Contact Us to learn more.