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Please read these testimonies of people who lost inches, then contact us to see what we can do for you.

I am down 12 sizes and 50 pounds. I wrapped twice a week in a lipase double wrap, 45 min lipase and 1 hour  Slendertone. I was already vegetarian so I didn’t change my diet. Trying to get my shop up and running, the exercise dropped out. I took RNA DNA, Herberetic, B 6 and Mega 1. I started  in mid October, I lost 17 pounds between then and Thanksgiving, I LOST OVER THANKSGIVING, I LOST BETWEEN Thanksgiving and Christmas, and Lost some more between Christmas and New Years. This saved my life. I got my health back and it was worth a million dollars. When I went back to see my sister I was down to a size 8 from an 18. I said I have never been a size 8 in my life. Lets go shopping!  I bought tailored size 8. I was walking 3 feet off the ground.  I came home and told my husband I’m done buy me size 8 for Christmas. (BUT I STILL KEPT WRAPPING CAUSE I FELT SO GOOD) I got a blazer size 8 …miles too big. John had a fit “you told me size 8” I told him not to worry as one of my clients was a taylor. He got me white streach jeans, They were Baggy!!!   I said don’t worry I’ll wear them at the hospital.  He got me a blue jean skirt. It was marked size 8. It looked big so I put it on over the white jeans. It was still too big.  After an emergency trip to the trash can I found a catalog with sizes in it   I WAS A SIZE 6 AND DIDN’T EVEN KNO W IT it was the best Christmas present I ever had.”  Cherie Hughes R.N.

Nick – He had gained up to 320 working at best buy stocking at night, eating lots of fast food and 64 ounce sodas. This was a combined effort. Nick’s best friend was going to school for personal trainer. He was set up with an exercise program 1 hour daily, both cardio and weights. Nick cleaned up his diet.  I suggested that he add an extra hour daily of walking to his exercise program.Out with the junk food and Sodas, in with small portion lean meat or fish, Vegetables and small amount of fruit.We hit pay dirt! Nick started to lose 15 to 25 pounds per month.He went down to 165 pounds. Nick started with a 19 inch neck and 56 inches up and downhis torso. He finished with a 13.2 neck and a 31 inch waist. He was wrapped in Lipase /power combination with Skin Tight, Self Control, Sweet Things ,Cellureduce,  and puffy To the wraps. Nick was on RNA DNA, Herberetic,B6 and Mega One. He used Skin Tight at home. He was wrapped as often as he could get up here. 2 to 3 times a month. We were worried about his loose skin, So with consultation with Victoria we started working on Body Lift wrap solution.  On the 7th try we had a winner.”  – Submitted by Cherie Hughes.

“Norene went down 12 sizes and 100 pounds. She had Fibromyalgia and was only able to do yoga for exercise.  Norene came up 3 times a week to start then down to weekly. She was wrapped in Lipase and Power. Additives for pain control, skin tightening and cellulite to the wraps.. To keep the inch loss up I Alternated Lipase and Power with excellent results. Norene was taking RNA DNA, Herberetic, Mega One and B6. She has managed to keep all this off and loose an additional 10 pounds. Well Done!” – Submitted by Cherie Hughes.

Birdy was a stretch extra large when she started. She is down 12 sizes and working on the 13th size reduction. She cleaned up her diet…Belly bloat… Lost the gluten and started walking daily. She is down 20 pounds and now a size 2. Birty has been wrapped in Body Lift then lipase for these awesome results Even as a size 2 we are still pulling 30 inches off her per wrap.

“Since I’ve lost 105 lbs I used Flat Tummy and my results have been phenomenal! The lifting has helped tighten and flatten my tummy and it looks amazing. I feel so confident in my bathing suit now. I have learned a lot in training and I am so excited to use the new techniques on my clients in the body wrap shop. Thanks to Doina I feel that I can be more help to my client’s needs and help improve their bodies.” — T.F. [April-7-2010]

“The NEW Flat Tummy is totally Awesome!!! I had cellulite and a ”poof” on my tummy which completely went away during my wrap. I know our clients are going to LOVE the new Flat Tummy Additive. Can’t wait to get back to our shop and use it!!” — T.W. [April-7-2010]

“Wow This Flat Tummy Additive is a miracle! My client was 119.5 lbs and I removed 8.2″ between her rib cage and her abdomen. All in all, I removed 19.1″ inches off her whole body! Her stretch marks faded into the skin and wow one happy client. She booked a five pack with the Flat Tummy additive. She is going to Hawaii and is excited about how she is going to look in a bikini. I guess even at 45 years old we too can look good in a bikini!” — K.L. [March-13-2010]

“I have a gal in her early 50′s whom had a cesarean many years ago. She comes to me for wraps and has always done very well with them. Well, this gal has a huge scar from the surgery and at the end of the scar is a big white pouch. That pouch has never changed… until, at last, the Flat Tummy additive came around. Believe it or not, that old, ugly, puffy pouch is almost completely gone. We have done 3 Power Wraps with the additive, twice in one week and once the following week. She was astonished to see the results! Amazing!!” — J.S. [March-13-2010]

“My friend and I came for our first wraps three weeks ago. We were both doubting what the results would be. However, we were both pleasantly surprised! I am so excited! Plus it keeps working even after it’s done!” — N.B.

“After only a few wraps, the appearance of cellulite has almost disappeared!” — E.L.

“I’m a size 4 so, I didn’t think that I would see a big difference. And when I arrived in Florida I began retaining water (16 pounds) due to the weather change. I did 2 Lipase Wraps and a Slendertone Wrap back-to-back and saw great results! ” — K.Q.

“This has been a very good experience. I have noticed after about 3 or 4 wraps that I feel more energetic I also noticed today a very visible change in my waist area.” — Y.W.

“During my training to become a Wrap Technician, I went and bought 2 new pairs of jeans in the size I had been wearing. When I tried wearing them, they were too loose from the program I’ve been doing. I took them back to the store and got the next smaller size & they fit great!” — R.L.

“I’ve been a Martial Arts instructor for the past 11 years and trained for another 16 years before that. I was completely sure that there was nothing that the Wrap could tighten up on my body, as it was already pretty packed. Boy was I wrong. In 3 wraps I saw results. This REALLY works! The supplements are already improving my lifestyle.” — R.R.

“I look slimmer after my first time! I am really impressed. My Technician was excellent. I want her every time, she’s great! The staff is so friendly and helpful.” — P.P.

“I was really unsure what to expect at first. But after my first wrap the difference was noticeable. After the first Lipase wrap, the next day WOW! If I continue at this pace I’ll be back in the size 33″ waist jean I wore in high school.” — R.B.H

“In two visits I have seen noticeable results. I love you, I love you and I know my husband loves you too!! I’ll be back… again, again and again! Thank you once again.” — M.

“I would like to thank you and The Body Wrap for improving the look of my body in just three wraps. I see a definite improvement. Thanks again” — V.K.

“Thanks to The Body Wrap, the improvement was mainly in the upper chest and abdomen areas. Thanks again and see you soon.” — E.B.

“For years I have tried different diets and exercise programs. I had these “saddlebags” on my hips and by my second wrap I saw substantial results. It was amazing!” — D.M.

“Thank you for The Body Wrap! I feel great! My skin feels much smoother and I have much more energy. Keep up the good work!” — G.H.

“I am writing to express my delight over what happened to me after I got wrapped! First of all, I’ve seen good improvement after two wraps, which I, of course, enjoyed very much. I have dieted and exercised and tried just about everything, and nothing has worked as fast or dramatically as the body wrap program. I want to thank you for the noticeable improvement. I will continue to get wrapped, and will spread the good word! Thanks again.” — C.O.

“Pat and I just wanted to thank you for the experience of the body wrap. I was amazed to have such great results in just three wraps. The most significant result was in my face and I have kept the great look. I was really happy about how my waist and my legs look and the “lift” on my buttocks…” — B.B.

“When I first got wrapped about 3 years ago, I had lost some weight – from 200 lbs. down to 179. Also, over this period my weight was down to 130 lbs. and never during the weight loss did my skin appear baggy or loose. I was very pleased with the smooth, toned appearance of my skin. I am very pleased with the results I have experienced and look forward to my wraps.” — M.L.

“I had terrific results in my first wrap. And even my waist! Even my calves look thinner!! I think I need to throw away my size 8 jeans and buy size 6 clothes!! ” — J.K.

“Today I tried on a pair of shorts that hadn’t fit me since 10th grade (that was 6 years ago) and they’re perfect now. I have not been dieting, but due to the whole program (exercise, nutritional supplements,etc), today I weigh 114 lbs; I know that 5 lbs. is not a whole clothing size worth of loss. I have found that getting wrapped just before my period takes away the bloated feeling I always had for sometimes a week before. In other words, I feel like a human being every day of the month. I, for one, will get wrapped for the rest of my life. Thank you! Your body wraps are nothing short of a miracle.” — M.B.

“I had great results the first time. The black shadows under my eyes have noticeably improved. The new shoes I couldn’t wear I can now wear and my feet are so happy to be able to wear them. My body is more comfortable. My outside thigh line looks markedly straight compared to the way it was. My face looks younger. The appearance of cellulite is decreasing. My posture is better. I am accomplishing several goals with my body that were just hopeful dreams before. Thanks, Victoria, for being smart enough to create this and be able to give it to so many people. Love,” — S.W.

“I just completed my ninth body wrap, and not only have I had dramatic results in my waist alone from the nine wraps, but when the face wrap was done on my face and I had asked if something could be done about my very thin lips, the lady was able to visually increase my lip size considerably and I am able to wear lipstick, which I wouldn’t do for years because it drew attention to my small lip size. I don’t know which of the above I am happiest about. I just feel so good physically and mentally. I have to say your body wrap is like a miracle. I plan on having them for the rest of my life. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.” — H.G.

“After having only four wraps, I feel as good and as ambitious as I did in Junior High School. Because of this total positive experience, I am requesting the License rights to open a Suddenly Slender center in Scottsdale, Arizona and another in Paradise Valley, Arizona.” — R.F.S.